Virtual immersive environments offer great opportunities in many areas, but there are few studies on their usefulness as an information visualization tool. This work has assumed that it is possible to view big data in a mobile virtual immersive environment satisfactorily. Thus, it aimed to propose a visual model (called Data-Room) to verify the effectiveness of its visualization in 3D in a mobile virtual immersive environment, against other environments.

The work evaluated the proposed model, having been developed and subsequently tested for this purpose the Data-Room prototype. The model was evaluated in terms of acquisition and seizure of information in order to be able to identify the potential added value. Six distinct visual encodings were used.

The results indicated that mobile virtual immersive environments are a valid and effective for visualizing big data information. The Data-Room environment proved to be as or more effective for visualizing such data compared to others used today.

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Data Room
Data-Room bar chart (“Visualizações”, “Teletransporte” and “Voar” mean, respectively, “Visualizations”, “Teletransport” and “Fly”).

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